Instructional Course - Friday, March 5th

הקורסים יתקיימו ביום שישי ה-5 למרץ, 2021, בארבעה ערוצים מקבילים בין השעות 08:30-12:30.

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Channel 1- Instructional Course

Dr.Tal Marom

Otitis Media in 2021- What's New?

Dr. Ahmed Elmadia

Vertigo Approach

Dr. Riad Hanifas

Hearing Rehabilitation - Surgical Treatment options

Dr. Shay Duvdevani

Face Lift - Concepts, Techniques, and Principles

Channel 2- Instructional Course

Dr. Naomi Rabinovics , Dr. limor Muallem Kalmovich

Radiofrequency Ablation of Benign Thyroid Nodules.

Prof. Avi Hefetz, Dr. Oded Cohen

Advances in parotid surgery

Dr. Aviram Mizrachi

Practical Implementation of Alpha DaRT for the Management of Patients with Squamous Cell Carcinoma of the Skin and Head and Neck

Dr.Yotam Shkedy

Free flap reconstruction - choosing the right tool for the job

Channel 3- Instructional Course

Dr. Uri Alkan 

Pediatric OSAS- more complicate than we think

Dr. Yuval Nachalon

Contemporary diagnosis and management of dysphagia

Prof. Jean-Yves Sichel

Post tonsillectomy bleeding and fatality, bad luck or preventable ?

Dr. Yona Vaisbuch

Biodesign methodology for health care innovation in otolaryngology

Channel 4- Instructional Course

Dr. Meir Warman

Intergrated Clinical approach to CRS phenotype s

Prof. Ethan Soudry

Extended Endoscopic Sinonasal and Skull Base Approaches- Lessons Learned in the Rabin Medical Center During the Years 2015-2020

Prof. Roee Landsberg

Management of nose and paranasal sinuses fibro-osseous lesions